In Brief


 “To Enlighten All”

A person is said to be in the light, if he or she is able to recognize others as his / her own brothers and sisters, if not the person is in darkness and is ignorant. Ignorance of oneself is the deepest darkness. It is education that helps a person to free himself / herself from the clutches of darkness and ignorance in oneself. Our school with the mission statement, “To Enlighten All” tries to imbibe in every child self-knowledge and awareness. A person with self-knowledge has light in herself / himself, only a person who has light within can enlighten others. Thus, the school in its endeavours aims at making every child a little lamp in this world who can enlighten others in turn.

St. Vincent Pallotti School [CBSE], Sangam Vihar, New Delhi is a co-educational English Medium School established and managed by the “Pallottine Fathers”, an International Catholic Religious Society which has to its credit, a number of prestigious educational institutions in different parts of India as well as in 56 countries spread over five continents. The school is being run by “VIDHYA PROTHSAHAN AND SAMAJIK VIKAS SANGH”.

St. Vincent Pallotti School had its humble beginning in the year 2002. The management hopes and strives to make this institution a unique cradle of education par excellence with the most conducive atmosphere and the best of facilities in our Campus.

The aim of the school is to inculcate in the young minds such qualities as would make them patriotic, upright and honest citizens who are able to dream for and build a better tomorrow. For this purpose, the yearly program of the school curriculum blends academic subjects with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Moreover, the child is also provided with an effective environment that drives them to explore, understand and learn the deeper truths of life. The school is named after St. Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850), a Roman Catholic Priest who through his profound spiritual life and his service to humanity, had a considerable influence on the history of the world of 19th Century. The school is proud of the excellent academic results it produces every year and the laurels brought home by the students in various competitions.